100 days to offload

Inspired by my friends (like roxerg), I’ve decided to give the #100DaysToOffload challenge an honest crack.

I’ve always been terrible about blogging—it’s difficult to find time to write, especially about things that aren’t strictly technical. A large component of what I do professionally is write documentation for the code I’ve generated, whether that’s in the form of hard documentation (like docstrings/javadoc/comments) or softer documentation (like slide decks or readmes or documentation websites). After all of that, I’d rather do anything else but write more things.

And yet.

There’s something inexplicably cathartic about writing down your thoughts. I’ve always tried to do some form of journaling; to keep at least some record of what I’m doing at the moment somewhere, whether that’s on some app I found or on good old-fashioned paper. No matter how I write it, the process of getting the words out of my head and putting them down on a page is refreshingly purgative—I no longer have to worry about forgetting something, and I can go back the journal later in case I really need to remember some detail of a task I was doing. Blogging is sort of a natural extension of journaling, where I can write down things down from my head out into the real world. It’ll be fun to give it a shot, at the very least.

So I’ll try my best to actually write something here on a consistent(-ish) schedule, although with no guarantee towards quality (because you can’t make me).

Here goes nothing.